Alex Chapter 8: Used

This entry is part 8 of 7 in the series Alex

The delivery man wasn’t taking no for an answer. In fact, when I resumed my protesting, he put his big hand over my mouth. “Listen lady, these are the rules here. I’ll be gentle with you but this is happening. Tomorrow, I’ll get you more supplies, and we will all make sure everyone one of

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Karen Chapter 14: Second round

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It really didn’t take long for “Chuck” to come back to the motel: He admitted he hadn’t even had the time to get back home. Karen hadn’t even bothered to hide in the bathroom: I opened the door, let Chuck and and he quickly saw that my wife was naked on the bed. “Nice” he

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Karen Chapter 7: My turn

This entry is part 7 of 18 in the series Karen

I didn’t move much, letting Karen sleep after the orgasm I had given her, but an hour later, my wife was once again awake and in the mood. “Oh my, you didn’t get anything. Again. Are you starting to get used to it, chasty? How does it feel?” “Very frustrating. I can feel my tension

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Karen Chapter 6: 24 hours in

This entry is part 6 of 18 in the series Karen

I nervously drove home from work. I had no idea what my evening would entail, but I quickly noticed that all of the blinds and drapes were closed… Without any surprise, I found my very sexy wife fully naked in the living room when I entered the house. When I say fully naked, I mean, with

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Pets Chapter 21 (Ellie): Sapphic Evening

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Finally, we were home from supper. I must admit that eating out with my boyfriend was fun. Now that we were back, however, I could only think about my previous supper I finished eating on the floor, next to Candy. Speaking of the devil, we found her kneeling in the bedroom in front of her cage,

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Sue Chapter 18: The odd date

This entry is part 18 of 21 in the series Sue

Sue was still nervous. “So what is your plan? Where do you want to take this?”, she asked, hesitant. “Tonight, if Annie is available, I will invite her for supper at my apartment, for a proper date. We will get to talk, and later, take things slowly to the bedroom so that we can get

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Sue Chapter 14: Sue Sleeping in

This entry is part 14 of 21 in the series Sue

And so, here we were, in front of my door, seconds after our first fight in which I learned that I wasn’t just dating Sue, but that in a way, I was also expected to please Annie. I mean, I am not disappointed, like I said, Annie has very interesting physical features, but this was

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Harmony Chapter 8: Going to bed

This entry is part 8 of 31 in the series Harmony

From the outside, the little houses looked desperately tiny. At first glance earlier that day, I had imagined a couple living in each of the metal containers and found them terribly inadequate for that purpose. Now that I realized at the banquet that each man in the city had 3 to 5 concubines, it was

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