Karen Chapter 12: Pillar and stones

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BrickLayer420 is well endowed and he knows it. He never needed to master the art of preliminaries, the art of playing with a women’s body before taking hold of it. I snickered inside of me at his ineptitude: I knew that Karen needed more. I knew she needed attention, like a flower you had to slowly water and delicately wait to open before you can see it in all of its beauty.

So when BrickLayer420, ok, wait… let’s call him Chuck. I have no idea what his actual name was, but he looks like a Chuck to me.

So, when Chuck kissed Karen while aggressively grabbing both breasts in his large callused hands, I knew he wasn’t turning her on.

I knew her body… I knew it needed a delicate touch.

Karen removed his shirt, perhaps in an attempt to reduce the pain in her breasts? Perhaps she wanted to avoid his lack of gentleness and go to something else? I couldn’t tell and Karen was fixated on him, not on me so she didn’t roll her eyes or wink at me or anything giving me her state of mind.

As soon as his shirt was off, she tried to undo his belt, but he grabbed the bull by the horn, stood up by the bed and stripped naked. The pictures hadn’t lied: his dick was massive and he sprung to attention like a flagpole!

Karen laughed in surprise. It’s then she turned to me. “See honey, THAT’S a dick. That’s a proper dick. Wow, come here…”, she ordered Chuck.

He sat on the bed and Karen jumped at it, playing with it with her hands. “Wow, it’s so hard…”. She laughed. “This is what I’ve been lacking in my life.”. Chuck just said: “Ouch, that’s brutal, dude”.

It was, but I was starting to get the hang of it: Karen wanted to raise my frustration, and it worked.

Karen took the huge cock into her mouth, but couldn’t go very deep. After a few seconds, she added: “I can’t even take it all in my mouth!”. In reality, she couldn’t with mine either…

She left the bed to grab a condom from her purse. “I’ll you pick the position…”, she said to Chuck.

He picked Doggy style. Of course, he did… It’s a position she liked, but it requires a longer dick to be effective…

He rolled the condom on, but Karen gestured me to look at her. I did, puzzled, and he pointed to her phone on the bedside table and mimicked taking a picture. I nodded and stood up to grab her phone.

While they were getting in position, I opened her phone and saw that the conversation with BrickLayer420 was still on and noticed that Karen had told him to pick Doggy Style as a position. Good, she was still in control.

Chuck wasn’t subtle or gently. He didn’t politely fuck my wife, instead, he, as she had expected, ravished her. I could see her entire body jerk forward each time he thrust into her. I took a few pictures, but soon enough, decided to start filming the act.

If questioned, I’d say I was wounded by Karen’s excitement and noises. I would proclaim that this was one of the more humiliating moments of my life. I would say that Karen went too far and hurt me.

But my metal tube was smaller than it had ever been in the last 48 hours.  My breathing was more jagged and deeper than when we often had sex. I was more excited than when I was about to sodomize my wife, and more than when I was hearing her climax during oral sex.

Was it the frustration speaking? Did I miss sex so much that seeing this action in front of me was a good substitute, like a dry cold bowl of mac and cheese, can be the best meal after 3 days of starvation?

I wasn’t surprised at all that Chuck didn’t last that long. I grabbed his orgasm on camera and could clearly see that he had absolutely no respect for Karen’s pleasure: he just went for his orgasm and didn’t care if she came.

What surprised me, is that she did. Faster than I had ever seen her come in five years. And probably more violently than most of the times that I had been proud of making her explode.

I was afraid… would she replace me? But of course, my dick didn’t see it that way. horrible dick… why do you have to like everything? Don’t you see this is bad?

I kept filming. They cuddled. Sorry, she cuddled him. “This was my best time in five years. Thank you for making me happy.”

Chuck smiled, as his erection subsided. I didn’t know if I had to keep filming, so I stopped: I didn’t want Chuck to cause a scene if he saw me, now that he wasn’t preoccupied with my wife anymore.

Karen seemed to be falling asleep, but she whispered to Church, barely loud enough for me to hear. “Perhaps you can leave. I added you to my favorites anyway.”

He hesitated and grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom. When he left, he padded me on the shoulder and just said “Your wife is hot. Thanks for the time, dude.”

Soon enough, Karen and I were alone. I didn’t know what to do, so I stayed on the chair. A few minutes later, Karen slowly sat on the bed, facing me.

“Wow, he did destroy my pussy! Wow, that was a man. Do you see now why I keep your little dicklet locked? It doesn’t deserve that level of attention.”

I listened, but it didn’t phase me that much, I was actually starting to like it: as if that kind of attention was better than none at all.

“Strip naked on the bed”, she ordered. So I did, but she placed a towel on the bathroom under my ass.

She grabbed the bucket of ice and began putting ice cubes on my groin.

“I think that the next time we get a red stone”, she said, while rubbing an ice cube on the tube, “We’ll call him again, but this time, you’ll be naked too so that he sees your little cage.”

I whimpered as the ice was making the metal tube really, really cold.

“And I think I’ll get you on the bed. So I can touch you while he plows me.”

Honestly, that actually sounded better than staying on the chair.

“Did you take good pictures?”, she asked.

“I think so, and I filmed the finale”. She hugged me.

“I think I’ll remove 2 black stones, and let you draw one. I think your behavior was perfect.”

I smiled. She left me on the bed and fetched her purse. Searching into it, she removed 2 black stones.

“So, we have 18 Black stones, and 3 red ones”

“wait, didn’t you put 2 red and a white?”, I complained.

“Yeah, but you were a little chickenshit, so I swapped the white with a red one.”

Oh shit, that was right… I couldn’t even draw a white one yet!

She pulled out of the bag from her purse, and with my genitals half-frozen, I drew… a red stone.

Karen and I looked in horror at the stone. “Shit”, she said. “I was sure it would take you days to pick it.”

“Can’t we draw again?”

“Rules are Rules Chasty.  But hey, I’ll add 2 whites instead of one.”

I counted in my mind. “So, that will mean 36 black stones, 3 Red ones, and 2 whites?”.

She counted and corrected me. “36 black ones, 4 red ones, the 2 currently still in the bag, but the two I will add, and 2 whites”.

“will the red ones always involve you having sex with another guy?”, I asked.

“No, not at all. Sometimes it will be two, or three, or more. Other times it might be a girl. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I admitted that I would…

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